Forum of Cultures

The Forum of Cultures on Matters of Our Time is an independant Foundation dealing with contemporary issues and problems on interdisciplinary and transcultural grounds.

The foundation of our "Forum of Cultures" continues the exemplary transcultural relations and experiences from six years of "Jaspers Lectures on Matters of Our Time" (1990 - 1996). Ten of our guests, representing four continents and many diverging fields, came together and created the first declaration, uniting traditional cultural approaches to the formes of societal and individual life with attempts to deal with the actual problems of humanity, already under the pressure of globalisation. The programme was financed, so long, by the the Land of Niedersachsen, Germany. Owing to the lack of public funding the foundation concentrates on particular projects, realized in cooperation with private initiatives and public institutions. We want to provide an absolutely independent forum for scientific, artistic, and spiritual contributions toward changes in our attitudes to life in all of its forms. "Learning of cultures from each other and in common efforts, for a future of humankind". In this spirit concrete subjects and perspectives are defined by every particular project. The most attractive among the ongoing intiniatives is, maybe, the world wide show of works of art exemplifying the context and impact of "Aesthetics and Sustainability".